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Highlights of IGCC 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic

We hope you enjoyed your time in Prague at the 13th International Gastric Cancer Congress - IGCC 2019! We're happy to share some great photos from the meeting and look forward to welcoming you to Houston in 2021! 

IMG-0904 IMG-1055 IMG-1068 IMG-1090 IMG-1100 IMG-1119 IMG-1202 IMG-1208 IMG-1229 IMG-1236 IMG-1260 IMG-1261 IMG-1284 IMG-1298 IMG-1367 IMG-1387 IMG-1443 IMG-1496 IMG-1506 IMG-1520 IMG-1550 IMG-1553 IMG-1556 IMG-1564 IMG-1569 IMG-1578 IMG-1608 IMG-1612 IMG-1632 IMG-1633 IMG-1662 IMG-1672 IMG-1814 IMG-1819 IMG-1842 IMG-1878 IMG-1898 IMG-1907 IMG-1921 IMG-1923 IMG-1927 IMG-1939 IMG-1944 IMG-1954 IMG-2020 IMG-2068 IMG-2077 IMG-2085 IMG-2117 IMG-2125 IMG-2167 IMG-2184 IMG-2186 IMG-2266 IMG-2300 IMG-2347 IMG-2777 IMG-2838 IMG-2865 IMG-3024 IMG-3036 IMG-3069 IMG-3194 IMG-3291